# Terms of Service

Please note that I might change my terms of service sometimes so please review it every time you wish to commission me. [ Last T.O.S. edited 28 Dec 2023 ]

# General TOS

  1. You can repost your artwork anywhere with the proper credit.
  2. I have the right to decline your commission request if commission involved subject that I feel uncomfortable to draw.
  3. I’m more than happy to correct my anatomy mistake or correct or add the details that I forgot to draw or draw it wrong as many times as it needed HOWEVER, if you already approve, or you constantly change the idea, detail, etc There will be free 3 times more than 3 times will cost additional fees. No major edit (such as changing pose) will be made after the sketch is already approved.
  4. My works are only for personal use. No commercial use allowed included NFT or sell it as print/shirt etc This also applied to Adoptable and custom adopt and character design. (However personal use as printing t-shirt for yourself/make key chain etc then please feel free to!)
  5. I may or may not post your commission in my gallery but if you wish me not to post it, or you wish to remain anonymous please let me know
  6. Commission request must be sent via email handsomewaifu@siljaxylia.moe at only. or at provided method of contract only!

# Payment

  1. My price are listed in USD $ currency which I accept payment in USD if you're paying with the following method Arty.ooo (you can pay using Paypal with this), Buy me a coffee, Stripe and Wise. However if you would prefer to pay via PayPal invoice directly, Your invoice will be send in ฿ thai bhat currency following the standard exhange rate.
  2. Also due to many times in this year I keep getting commission cancelled leaving me with unstable financial I'm sorry to say that. Now ALL my commission order will now require 25% payment upfront to confirm queue. If you cancelled your commission for any other reason other than emergency case you will not get any refund. Unless I choose to cancel this commission myself. I'm more than happy to discuss refund if it's emergency case. When it's your queue I will ask for another 25% (so it will be 50%) or 75% (so it will be 100$ of total price) which you can choose what you want and then I will work on your commission. In case of 50% I will the rest of payment before continue with coloring and shading.
  3. Refunds are not available after 2 days (GMT+7) when I received payment. Please do not send me the payment if you’re unsure about commissioning me, However, in rare cases, I’ll ask you for another idea for equally-worth commission/Character design if somehow I cannot finish what you request.

# Character Design or Adoptable

  1. You will receive High-resolution PNG/JPG files however you can request lineart and PSD file with no additional fee.
  2. Adoptable that you paid for. You can gift, trade or resell them, but you can not resell them more than what you’ve paid for. Unless that character has extra art, writing, voice acting or any additional material.
  3. Adoptable that you get for free or from raffle or request event you cannot sell them unless they have additional material such as extra art, writing, voice acting. However you can gift or trade them if you desire!
  4. You must credit me for the designer of the character for the first time you repost your adoptable that you get from me. After that credit isn’t necessary but appreciated
  5. You cannot make species out of adoptable that you got from me this including open, Semi-open or closed species. However, you can give them a story however you like.
  6. As of 4 February 2021 Any design that come after this date will have new restriction to them. Which you CAN NOT change the ‘sex’ of any pre-made adopt design. Meaning if I state that design is female you can’t change her into male but however you can change her into FTM or transgender or intersex and so on. This rule do not apply to any Custom design aka design that you commission me to made specifically for you (both before and after 4 February 2021) and Premade design made before 4 February 2021. If you order custom design from me you’re free to change their sex later if you wish too!