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About this site

Handsomewaifu mascot icon by altered_zer0! All art post here are drawn by me unless stated other wise. Repost are allowed with a proper link back and credit to character owner.

Hi I’m handsomewaifu!

Aka XolarXylia and also probably goes with many other username until I decided to go with my handsomewaifu.

We are artist that think they specialized in character design, colorful neon stuff and is also Armor, Alien, Robot fucker. Art subject is tricky as we draw whatever we want to so don’t expect consistence in art subject. Some day we will draw wholesome kinky art and then maybe tomorrow hardcore one or just make serious lore art follow by weirdly badly drawn doodle IDK. Beware of sassy menacing mens in high heel, disastrous handsome ladies and elegant eldritch androgynous entities because our site is full of them 🔥

Why make your own site??

Simply put, I like making and having my own place on the internet. I have want my own gallery site where it doesn’t depend on the whim of site owner deciding what to ban next.

Plus having your own site as static site you can easily move it from place to place to ensure that in case something happen you can easily reupload entire site again no problem!

Why not just post your stuff in social media and art gallery?

First I like to have my own place. My own place my own rules.

Second Fuck ‘Feeling Yakuza’ really, I can’t stand them lol

Third sex and kink positivity is one of my core personal vaule. I will ALWAYS encourge people to express themselves and not to submit to the norm as long as you don’t hurt other in the progress. Living out your kink with your consentsual adult partner is not hurting anyone and certainly producing fiction content for adult to consume is certainly not hurting anyone.

Be yourself have fun and don’t hurt other! Unless you’re ready to find out when you fuck around.