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2024 Sarangerel Nergüi ref

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Handsomewaifu mascot icon by altered_zer0! All art post here are drawn by me unless stated other wise. Repost are allowed with a proper link back and credit to character owner.

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image alt

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Quick reference sheet image for Sarangerel Nergüi in 2024 design

1st image is showing Nergüi in sphinx form which showing her with eastern dragoness body and while her upper body is that of humanoid. She has human face with long equine ears as well as antler and long whisker. Her arms and legs also featured colorful red to blue vibrant feathered. Her hind legs also featured hooves instead of regualar paws.

2nd image is showing Nergüi in her humanoid form. She has a chubby body with black hair, blue scale on her bodys. She also has hooves legs and long eastern dragoness tail. The reference sheet also featured mutiple outfits such as work attire, armor and casual.

Both image also featured the following text ‘35Yr, She/her, Cis women, Heteroflexible, Humanoid 265 cm and Sphinx height is 330 cm and length 980 cm’