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Commission for VVFIN and Sexynighttail

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Handsomewaifu mascot icon by altered_zer0! All art post here are drawn by me unless stated other wise. Repost are allowed with a proper link back and credit to character owner.

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Art of my friend VVFIN, Sexynighttail on FA and my two headed cow sona slowly TF into eastern dragon through out the day.

Starting from the morning, sexynighttail’s OC who’s already noodle invite both of mine and VVFIN OC to her house.

During Midday, sexynighttail’s OC made us a lunch which we start to TF into noodle but still barely visible outside of growing a pair or antler.

During Dust sexynighttail’s OC and VVFIN’s OC is having friendly gaming competition while my oc sitting on couch want watching them. The progress is half way done.

During Night we all sleep and cuddle VVFIN’s OC and now we all are both fully TF into noodle.